What I do

I'm an illustrator and designer based in Wimborne, Dorset. I'm currently designing greeting cards and setting up a little card business, called Beautiful Otherness. My prints and some of my cards are available to buy at Gallery 65 in Westbourne, Dorset and I now have an Etsy shop too!

How I do it

My illustrations start with a pencil drawing, that I collage together with a variety of other drawings, bits of paintings and pressed flowers. I love getting into the detail of the drawing and then the complete freedom of arranging all the elements together in the final design.

My creative background

I grew up in a very creative home. My Mum has been a huge influence, she's always making something! I have a degree in Fashion Design and years of experience working as a visual merchandiser and window dresser for large corporate shops and small independent ones.

What inspires me


  • Colour

  • Print and pattern

  • Vintage textiles & embroidery

  • Interior styling

  • Flowers

Why I do it

I love designing and arranging things, whether it's styling my space, creating a mood board, drawing or designing. Your environment and what you expose your senses to has a huge impact on how you feel. I really believe in Marie Kondo's philosophy of only having things in your life that bring you joy. I'm hoping that the cards that I have designed will do just that! I have always collected cards that I love. To me they are like little artworks. So I'm hoping that the cards that I have designed will bring joy and be ones that peope want to keep!

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